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Welcome to my page dedicated to custom design commissions or orders, before ordering please read all the information on this page as well as the terms and conditions.


These orders only concern private orders for individuals, for orders from companies or associations, please contact me directly by email via the contact form in "About Me" section.


from 35 € for a character then 10 € additional per character

Chibi are cute and have a big head and a little body, they can be a fanart or an OC (Original character)

twitch/discord emotes

from 12 € for one then 35 € for a

pack of 3 and 50€ for a pack of 5

Emotes are little characters or objects with many expressions used for Twitch channels ou Discord.

For each I give a 21px, 56px and 112px version.


from € 100 for a character then an additional € 50 per character

The portrait generally designates one or more bust figures with a very simple background without decoration.

It can be from a photo or an OC (original character) or a fanart.